The oldest wood industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zgrada uprave Nova Dipo

About us

The Wood Industry in Gornji Podgradci was founded back in 1855 on the slopes of the Kozara Mountain, at the source of a quality beech raw material (the so-called Kozara’s white beech). It is the oldest wood industry and the first registered sawmill in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The industry is located in an area of 100,000 m2, with all manufacturing, warehouse and management facilities. It is located near the border with EU, and highway Belgrade-Zagreb, which allevate exchange of goods. In 2008, Wood Industry Podgradci was privatized by the company Niskogradnja Laktaši, which is 100% owned by Mr. Ljubomir Ćubić, and it is then named New Wood Industry Podgradci Ltd. (in local language: NOVA DIPO d.o.o). Today, the company employs more than 300 people.

We operate in accordance with strictly protected environmental, social and economic standards.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 28000:2007

The biggest strength and competitive advantage of NOVA DIPO is a 100% complete manufacturing process.

In NOVA DIPO d.o.o. Gornji Podgradci manufacturing and technological processes range from own transport of logs, cutting/sawing, through drying of sawn wood, cutting of wood into elements, shaping, gluing and processing to grinding, and the final part – coating, assembling and product packaging. The manufacturing process itself is completed by pellet manufacturing plant, operating within the company since 2021.

The annual capacity of the company is 40,000 cubic meters of processed raw material and we say that, when it comes to the final product, the capacity of the Wood Industry NOVA DIPO is 2,500 chairs per day.

Basic activity

Furniture production in beech and oak wood (hard wood).


After privatization most of capacities are used for furniture production for world famous brand „IKEA“.


Chairs of different purposes, and also other products with same characteristics, mostly disassembled products

Nova Dipo
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