Production and sale of high quality pellets


Wood industry NOVA DIPO is engaged in the production and sale of beech pellets including wholesale and retail, with diameter 6mm and calorific value 5kw/h. It is a high-quality pellet that meets the Enplus A1 standard. We achieve quality by using natural raw materials for production from our own sources under controlled technological processes. Pellets are delivered in 15kg bags and 1050kg pallets.

We get quality pellets from the core of the logs, without bark, in order to avoid a high amount of moisture and dust and to ensure a higher calorific value. For your pellet stove, choose only the best and proven A1 class pellets and enjoy a carefree winter period.

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Pellets quality

You have chosen a pellet stove or fireplace and you are still occupied by the question of what is the best pellet for heating your home? The answer lies in the certificates that every package of pellets must have, usually on the back.

The quality of pellets in the European Union is determined by the ENplus certificate, which differentiate this increasingly popular energy source by its quality, and therefore by its price. The ENplus certificate is the only officially recognized standard in the EU, and this guarantees excellent quality pellets, with previously controlled production and origin.

ENplus A1 class provides premium quality pellets and it is intended for use in private households, because it produces the least amount of ash and meets all the high standards required for optimal heat regulation in your home.

Why choose our pellets?

It is made of pure wood, without wood bark (which has a higher amount of moisture and dirt).

There are no traces of artificial materials (e.g. paint, sand or wood waste).

When burned, it does not release any unwanted gases by dissolving artificial materials, which makes it much healthier than A2 pallets.

A1 pellet is cleaner and this reduces consumption because of achieving room temperature much faster.

Stove performance are better.

Extends the device durability.

It does not stain the glass.

Reduces the need for frequent cleaning.