Manufacture of chairs and similar articles


NOVA DIPO is the wood industry with a complete manufacturing process ranging from transport and cutting of logs to a final assembled and disassembled product. We offer product manufacturing based on your design, to design it together with you or for our technical team to design it according to your wishes. Our manufacturing is based on large series of products, which is primarily due to professional and experienced staff, modern CNC machining centers and other necessary machines.

What we offer are raw materials exclusively from controlled local felling and these are beech and oak raw materials. The confirmation of quality and precision in manufacturing of our products is an increasing volume of disassembled products manufactured, which greatly facilitates their transport and logistics to our customers.

Nova Dipo usluge

Production-technical possibilities

As a part of NOVA DIPO there are production plants for primary and final wood processing.

Primary wood processing

  • Sawmill with a capacity of 80m³ in one shift, dryers-14 chambers with a capacity of 1,700 m³ of drying space, cutting of elements with a input of 40 to 50 m³ of material in one shift, grinding and gluing with a capacity of 25,000 m’ in one shift.

Final wood processing

  • Machining process consists of a machines set up in according to the technological requirements of machining, cutting, copying, drilling, milling, grinding and assembly. The machine park is equipped with modern technological machines specifically oriented for the production of disassembled, such as five CNC machining centers of the new generation, of which we single out the semi-robotic CNC machining center “BACCI double jet”, exclusively intended for chair production.
  • Lacquering department: electrostatic painting system – with a flow chain 700 m long, where ecological water-based lacquers are used.
  • Sewing department– equipped with ten machines for sewing and processing fabrics for upholstery.
  • Packaging department – equipped with two thermal tunnels for vacuum packaging of disassembled furniture and two conveyor belts for mass packaging of furniture.

Chair production

Our vision will become a leader in the mass production of furniture, primarily chairs. For the most part of our production, we are based on making a disassembled chairs, but depending on the needs of our customers, we offer the possibility of producing the same assembled chairs.

For the construction, we use the highest quality beech solid wood, which guarantees the strength and longevity of the product. Furniture finishing is available in natural, stained and lacquered versions, pigment lacquered and oiled surfaces.

We offer various variants of making the TYPE of chairs and those are: solid skeleton – solid seat and backrest, solid skeleton – upholstered seat, solid skeleton – upholstered seat and backrest, as well as various variants of wooden turned chairs.